The Future of UAB Pastoral Care – Building Bridges

bridge with riverThe future of medicine in the U.S. is to support the patient in the:

  1. Hospital (Inpatient Care);
  2. Clinic (Doctor’s office); and at
  3. Home (Community Care)

Pastoral Care needs to evolve and reflect this broadened model. Ā You may have access to the best medical care in the hospital, but a bridge is needed to an outpatient clinic or doctor’s office. And in addition, how you areĀ going to get the support you need at home when you are out of the hospital and not at the doctor’s office is critical?

This care at home not only includes medical care, but just as importantly–the practical, emotional, and spiritual support that is often overlooked and falls through the cracks. Ā And that’s where UAB Pastoral Care comes in.

Missing puzzle pieceWe are asking the question, what role can we play to connect practical, emotional, and spiritual support in the hospital, outpatient clinic, and at home? Ā  We are engaged in finding ways to give you support in all three settings.

We build bridges through three channels of ministry:

  1. Building Relationships – with patients, families, employees at UAB Medicine; as well with the faith, business, and student communities to model the role in caring for the whole person (body, mind, spirit).
  2. Providing Education – pastoral care education to patients and families including one-on-one conversations and in small and large groups; to employees on their units and in Grand Rounds settings; to communities through teaching The Support Team model to our employees, to faith communities, to college campuses, and to other organizations who want to care for their own and those in the community.
  3. DevelopingĀ Research – create evidence based practices by measuring the effectiveness of what we are doing through research in order to reduce patient readmission rates, and increase patient and employee satisfaction.

We are growing and changing, because the needs of our patients and healthcare are changing.

We invite you to bring what you have, and let’s build bridges together.

Malcolm Marler, D.Min., BCC
Director of Pastoral Care
UABĀ Medicine

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