Loneliness Is Our Specialty

Many medical providers have specialties.  

At UAB Pastoral Care, we claim loneliness as our speciality and our mission is to start eradicating loneliness, one person at a time through creating a caring, connected community.

We do this by connecting people to one another in a time tested way, through Community Support Teams, to organize the support for a patient or family to make life’s task easier for them.  UAB has developed thousands of teams for patients since 1994.

Loneliness can be addressed by being connected to other human beings in daily life in meaningful ways.  We are talking about human beings connecting, caring, and listening to one another, face-to-face.

Loneliness is in epidemic proportions in the U.S.  It is a greater health threat than obesity or smoking.

The late John Cacioppo, neuroscientist from The University of Chicago says,

“Loneliness has been described as a chronic disease with no redeeming features. But it is very important for the survival of our species. It contributes to our humanity.”

The American Psychological Association recently said,

“Loneliness — what matters is not how many friends you have or how many people you have around you on a daily basis. Rather, what matters is whether you feel emotionally or socially disconnected from others. Indeed, many people who are married and live with family members report feeling significant loneliness, because they feel emotionally disconnected from their partners and loved ones.”

AARP reports, Social Isolation Looms Large as More Adults Live Alone

The Simple Cure for Loneliness by Baya Voce

In order to feel connected, you need to be seen, heard, and valued.  Connection is the priority that causes an anchor of connection.

The Campaign to End Loneliness

This campaign focuses on ending loneliness for older adults in the UK and a tremendous resource.

More research about Loneliness: