Vision for 2015

IMG_3288One step at a time.

We made over forty thousand (documented) visits with patients at UAB Medicine in 2015, an average of more than a hundred visits every day of the year.

However, our pastoral care department’s impact on peoples’ lives goes far beyond the numbers.  It is the quality of those visits that changes peoples’ lives.

Some visits were a prayer before surgery to bring a calming presence during anxious times, and other visits were many hours spent with a family in the last day of a loved one’s life.  This does not include relationships and support offered to employees for their own personal, emotional, and spiritual support.  When employees feel supported, they provide better care to patients.

2015 Outpatient Visit Goals 

We made a transition from providing pastoral care to patients in the hospital only, to following some of those same patients to their appointments in an outpatient clinic on campus, or vice versa.  This practice deepened our pastoral relationships and expanded our care outside the walls of hospital rooms.

Our Staff Chaplains “tithe our time” so that 10% of their visits are now in an outpatient clinic each month.  These visits are consistent with the area of expertise each Staff Chaplain has at the hospital (i.e. oncology, cardiology, woman and infants, neurology, etc.).

Malcolm Marler, Director of Pastoral Care