The UAB Pastoral Care Vision

A Roadmap for UAB Pastoral Care

A Roadmap for UAB Pastoral Ca

The future of medicine is changing in the U.S. to support the patient in three contexts:   the hospital, the outpatient clinic, and at home in the community. Creative partnerships are needed and are forming daily. (1)

The Role of UAB Pastoral Care 

UAB Pastoral Care is evolving and reflecting this transition. We are finding ways to care for the whole person and meet practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and families in three contexts: the hospital, the outpatient clinic, and at home in the community.

  1. Inpatient and Outpatient Model — Chaplain Assignments. 

All Chaplains have assigned areas in inpatient hospital units and one or more outpatient clinics.

  1. Community Care — Community Support Teams.

Chaplains are trained to be a support team “coach.”  A coach starts Support Teams and teaches others how to begin Teams on their own.  We teach faith communities in Alabama to develop Support Teams so that more teams can begin quickly.

  1. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).  

Our CPE Supervisor and Residents are committed to our mission to care for persons in all three settings and adapt the CPE program to reflect this priority.

  1. Volunteer Development in UAB Pastoral Care.

As we expand the breadth of our ministry, we need more assistance with other tasks such as support for families in waiting rooms, help with screening patients, families, or employees to determine where our pastoral care skills can be best utilized.  Let us know if you’d like to be involved.

5.  Pastoral Care Research.

We will build a solid, theoretical base of practice that is evidenced based and outcome focused.

6.  Spiritual Care through Tele-Health.

Email to set up an appointment by phone or FaceTime to speak with a Chaplain.

7.  Leadership Team.

In 2020, our department is forming an interdisciplinary Leadership Team composed of physicians, nurses, social workers, and others to help us integrate Community Support Teams into the daily care of patients at UAB MEDICINE.

For more information, contact Malcolm Marler, Sr. Director of Pastoral Care


Phone:  205.934.3936

(1) American Hospital Association. (2013, January). Engaging Health Care Users: A Framework for Healthy Individuals and Communities. Chicago: American Hospital Association, 2012 Committee on Research, Benjamin K. Chu and John G. O’Brien, co-chairs.