Al Cotton

Alvin H. Cotton is an Alabama native who has returned to his home state after more than three decades in Atlanta. He is excited to be back, and looks forward to reconnecting with family who live here.

Al graduated from Hamilton High School, in Hamilton, AL. He also attended Huntingdon College in Montgomery (B.A., English and History), and Vanderbilt University in Nashville (M.A.,English). He has written weekly columns for local freelance media in Atlanta, including Southern Voice and Amethyst magazine. He has also worked for law firms and in retail (Barnes & Noble).

Al has been a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner in the Shambhala tradition since 1995. He is currently a Shambhala Path Meditation Instructor, a member of the Atlanta Teachers Circle, and has taught introductory meditation classes since 2004. He is also a person with long-term sobriety, and has contributed in Atlanta to communities that combine Buddhism and 12 Step recovery.

Al’s Barnes & Noble experience means that if you looking for a new book, he’s got some suggestions.