Caitlin Denton

Caitlin Campbell Denton is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from UAB in 2013 and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Counseling through Colorado Christian University.

Caitlin first began volunteering in Pastoral Care in 2011 at Children’s of Alabama, then interned with the department the following summer. She worked as a Chaplain Intern at UAB Hospital in the fall of 2013 and has since served as a Pastoral Care Associate.

Caitlin has worked in various nonprofits and ministries, and helped start two small businesses that employ and empower individuals with special needs. She is passionate about advocating for and being with underserved and overlooked populations.

Caitlin and her husband Charlie were married in April and live in downtown Birmingham with their rescue pup, Henry. They have been a part of a house church network in Birmingham for over six years and currently gather with a small community near their home. Caitlin enjoys exploring the city, shared meals, spending time with loved ones, hand letttering and watercolor, and playing with Henry.”