Deron McDaniel, Part-Time Chaplain

Deron McDaniel was born in Birmingham, AL and is a graduate of John Herbert Phillips High School. He received a BA in Pastoral Studies from the Birmingham Easonian Baptist Bible College, a Masters in Biblical Studies from Beacon University in Columbus, GA, and a Master of Divinity from Luther Rice University in Lithonia, GA. Deron is continuing his theological studies at Luther Rice as a candidate for the Doctor of Ministry degree.

He is a licensed and ordained minister in the Baptist Church, and is endorsed for chaplaincy through the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. Deron has completed both his CPE Internship and Residency Units with The Ingalls Center of Pastoral Ministries at Baptist Princeton Medical Center.

Deron has served in both the Marine Corps Reserve and the Army Reserve. He hopes to soon become a Chaplain in the Army Reserve. He is currently preparing to become a Board Certified Chaplain through the Association of Professional Chaplains.

He is married to Elena McDaniel and they are the proud parents of two sons.

Deron’s email address is