Upcoming Events


11/14/17 1:00-2:00pm

"Advancing Spiritual Care with a Spiritual Legacy Intervention for Patients with Brain Cancer"

UAB Pastoral Care Library

For Meditation

You are invited to walk our new Labyrinth at UAB Hospital for meditation and prayer.  It is located in the Holmes Pavilion, on the second floor of Spain Rehabilitation Hospital.  It is handicapped accessible and open to all.

Guidelines – The Method of Centering Prayer by Thomas Keating (7:51 min.)


Music for relaxation or meditation (30 min.) Click below.


Native American Flute Music for Meditation, click below (9 min.).


Relaxing Meditation Music from The Christian Meditation (7:45 min).


Soothing Meditation Music, click below (9:16)


A well-known contemporary version of the traditional Jewish prayer for healing composed by Debbie Friedman.