Got a Minute?

The following videos are brief, one minute reflections by Rev. Malcolm Marler, Director of Pastoral Care at UAB Medicine.


A closing prayer to remind us of where God is as we go through life.


Take what we have to offer out into the world.


Let’s change our way of thinking about mental illness.


I want to be a friend like that.


God shows up in the storms of life.


Lent is like pushing the reset button.


The miracle of a new heart.


We are on holy ground, all the time.

A prayer for all employees at UAB Hospital today.


I’ve Said Yes Again Too Many Times

Remembering to Breathe


Life Goes Fast: Be Present Wherever You Are


Being Present with Feelings: Listening for Mad, Sad, Glad, or Afraid


Holding a Story in Your Heart


New Clothes at Easter, a New You


Prayers To Go in the Hallways


The Healing Power of Music in the North Pavilion Every Thursday at Noon

Helping Another Through the Blame Game