A Prayer of Benediction to Remind You Where God Is In Your Life

by Rev. Malcolm Marler, Director of Pastoral Care UAB Medicine.

The Grieving Process:  Coping with Death


Everyday, UAB Chaplains work alongside angels to care for our patients and families.  Click below to see this 1 minute video.



Music to help you relax or meditate (30 min.) Click below.


Native American Flute Music for Meditation, click below (9 min.).


Relaxing Meditation Music from The Christian Meditation (7:45 min).


Soothing Meditation Music, click below (9:16 min.)

We try to lift up and encourage patients and families every day at UAB Hospital.  This video gets at the spirit of what we try to do, by Celtic Woman.


A well-known contemporary version of the traditional Jewish prayer for healing composed by Debbie Friedman.