Grief Resources

We want to help you find the support you need.

Looking for a support group or grief counselor in your area?  Do you need suggestions for online resources for children, teenagers, adults?  We’ll be glad to help.

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A Strategy Through Grief

  1. FEEL IT.  Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling when you feel it.  Whether you are mad, sad, glad, or afraid, go ahead and name what you are feeling and experience it.  Find someone who can support and hear you without trying to fix the feeling.  This is the pathway through grief.
  2. WALK AT YOUR PACE.  Walk at your own pace with your grief.  Some persons may try to hurry you up, or slow you down, through your grief.  You have your own pace, and only you knows what feels right.
  3. TEACH YOUR HELPERS.  Teach others how to listen to your grief by saying, “Right now, I just need someone to listen to how how I am feeling without trying to fix it, or judge it.  Can you do that for me?”  When we feel heard and understood what our grief is like, we are taking steps of healing.

When a Loved One Dies


Organizations In Greater Birmingham

  • Community Grief Support – “To enhance the quality of life for bereaved adults who face the challenge of rebuilding their lives without their loved ones.”  Individual counseling and groups.
  • The Amelia CenterA place of  hope for grieving children, parents, and families.  Individual counseling and groups.
  • GriefShare – One way to find a Support Group near you.


Death of a Child

  • The Compassionate Friends – “Supporting families after a child dies
  • Bereaved Parents of the USA – Bereaved Parents of the USA (BPUSA) is a national non-profit self-help group that offers support, understanding, compassion and hope to bereaved parents grandparents or siblings struggling to rebuild their lives after the death of their children, grandchildren or siblings.