Children’s Grief

Children’s Grief

We want to help you find the support you need for your child or children.

Looking for a group or grief counselor who specializes in children’s grief in your area?  Do you need suggestions for online resources for children, ?  We’ll be glad to help.

Call us at 205-934-4254, or email and we will help you find the resources you need specifically for your situation.  The options below are simple places to begin.

1.  Videos on Children’s Grief — YouTube

2.  Amelia Center1513 Fourth Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233; Phone: (205) 638-7481

The Amelia Center provides grief support for children, teenagers and families anticipating or grieving the death of a parent, grandparent, child, sibling, close relative or friend, as well as support for parents and families grieving the death of a child or grandchild.  Individuals with presenting problems outside the scope of services will be given a referral to an appropriate social service or counseling center.

Find out more about the programs The Amelia Center offers:

3.  National Alliance for Grieving Children – Map of Resources (Click on your state for resources)

4.  The Center for Grieving Children Resources

5.  When Children Grieve by PBS

*Contact the UAB Department of Pastoral Care for more resources in your area at 205-934-4254, or contact one of our Chaplains at