Thank you for your interest in working with UAB Pastoral Care.  We have an amazing work environment at UAB Medicine with a world class facility, and one of the largest and most innovative pastoral care teams in the country.

Thank youUAB Hospital is the third largest public hospital in the nation, and a Level 1 Trauma Center with 1150 beds.  We have an average of more than a thousand patients in the hospital daily, and an outpatient clinic that sees 2,000 persons or more daily, Monday-Friday.

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New Positions — Applications are now closed

12/21/16 update.  UAB Medicine has approved 3.5 NEW Chaplain positions that are totally focused on our emergency department, one of the busiest in the nation to care for our patients, families, and employees 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  We have one full-time chaplain presently assigned to the ED.  We will be hiring two more full-time chaplains and two part-time chaplains (24 hrs per week) all with benefits, and one part-time chaplain (12 hours per week).

Timeline:  We hope to interview and make a decision about each of the positions by January 31, 2017, though it could take longer depending on interview schedules.

Job Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Denominational endorsement and ordination or equivalency, i.e. must be ordained, commissioned or licensed as a minister, required.
  2. Master of Divinity degree or equivalent, required.
  3. Four (4) units of Clinical Pastoral education, which includes two (2) consecutive units both from the same continuing education (CE) credit program, required.
  4. Must be Board Certified as a Chaplain by the Association of Professional Chaplains, or must attain within one year of hire.
  5. Prefer (but not required) three years of experience as a healthcare Chaplain, and one or more years with patients in emergency and trauma department.

Regarding the shifts 

We are hiring two full-time Chaplains (with medical benefits); two part-time Chaplains (24 hours per week with medical benefits), and one part-time Chaplain (12 or more hours per week), all assigned to the Emergency Department.

The following days/times are a starting point, but may vary to other times or days in the future depending on need:

  • Evening Shift: 3:00 pm-11:30 pm (8 hour shifts), 5 days per week (Tuesday-Saturday), 40 hours per week.
  • Night Shift:  11:00 pm-7:30 am (8 hour shifts), 5 days per week (Tuesday-Saturday), 40 hours per week.
  • Part-Time:  7 am-7:30 pm (12 hour shifts), 2 days per week (24 hours per week)
  • Part-Time:  7 pm – 7:30 am  (12 hour shifts), 2 days per week (24 hours per week)
  • Part-Time:  1-12 hour shift per week, 1 day per week, not online yet.

Bottom line is we are looking for persons who can extraordinary chaplains and can be flexible team players to work wherever and whenever the need arises in our hospital.  Our full-time chaplains work 40 hours per week, 5 days per week.

Additional Information:  All full-time and part-time Staff Chaplains will also be developing Support Teams in the community for some of our ED patients.  We will teach you how to develop teams and some time will be spent leading orientation for new teams in Alabama.  All Chaplains will also be expected to see some patients in the ambulatory setting during their work hours.


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