Thank you for your interest in working with UAB Pastoral Care.  We have an amazing work environment at UAB Medicine with a world class facility, and one of the largest and most innovative pastoral care teams in the country.

Thank youUAB Hospital is in the top 20 of the largest hospital in the nation (out of 5,000), and a Level 1 Trauma Center with 1157 beds.  We have an average of more than a thousand patients in the hospital daily, and an outpatient clinic that sees 2,500 persons or more daily, Monday-Friday.

New Positions Open

We do not have a position open at this time, please check back regularly as this changes over time.

You may also contact our Sr. Director of Pastoral Care, Malcolm Marler, at or 205-934-3936.

When we do have openings, you can apply online by clicking HERE, and type “Chaplain” as keyword to see more information.


Why we love working at UAB

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Additional Resources for Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors