UAB Medicine 2Line-WITH TAGLINEUAB offers a year-long residency program in which students can earn four (4) units of Level I or Level II CPE.  In order to maintain compliance with ACPE Standards, each CPE unit will involve a minimum of 400 hours.  This includes a minimum of 100 instructional hours involving theory, individual, and group supervision.

Certified Educator Candidate: UAB is accredited by the ACPE to offer Certified Educator Candidate education.

Currently we do not offer any internships or extended units.  

UAB offers placement opportunities for clinical assignments for students in a variety of specialty areas.
As a Level I Trauma Center, UAB provides opportunity for students to learn first-hand about pastoral care to individuals impacted by major trauma and loss.  Therefore, each CPE student can expect to provide in house on-call coverage during the evening, weekend, or holiday on a weekly basis.

This on-call coverage is included in the total hours expected each week.  Learning modules for Level I students might include but not be limited to the following:  Family Systems, Theological Reflection and Assessment, Grief and Loss, and a Skills Lab.  Learning modules for Level II students would include but not be limited to Leadership and Management, Ethics, Multi-Cultural Diversity, Substance Abuse and Its Impact on the Family.

In the Past:  UAB Pastoral Care has offered individual CPE units but we do not presently offer these programs.