UAB Medicine 2Line-WITH TAGLINEUAB offers a year-long residency program in which students can earn three units of Level I or Level II CPE.  In order to maintain compliance with ACPE Standards, each CPE unit will involve a minimum of 400 hours.  This includes a minimum of 100 instructional hours involving theory, individual, and group supervision.

UAB offers placement opportunities for clinical assignments for students in a variety of specialty areas.
As a Level I Trauma Center, UAB provides opportunity for students to learn first-hand about pastoral care to individuals impacted by major trauma and loss.  Therefore, each CPE student can expect to provide in house on-call coverage during the evening, weekend, or holiday on a weekly basis.

This on-call coverage is included in the total hours expected each week.  Learning modules for Level I students might include but not be limited to the following:  Family Systems, Theological Reflection and Assessment, Grief and Loss, and a Skills Lab.  Learning modules for Level II students would include but not be limited to Leadership and Management, Ethics, Multi-Cultural Diversity, Substance Abuse and Its Impact on the Family.

In the Past:  UAB Pastoral Care has offered individual CPE units but we do not presently offer these programs.