Financial Policy


UAB Medicine 2Line-WITH TAGLINEThe UAB Clinical Pastoral Education program shall provide each potential CPE student with a copy of tuition and fee schedule upon request of program information. Tuition and fees may be reviewed and/or changed annually. Registration of credit of the CPE unit may be withheld pending payment of all fees.


Application Fee: There will be a $50.00 application fee that should accompany the application for admission to the UAB Hospital CPE program.  The application fee must be included with application materials. All application fees are non-refundable except when the program is full and application is not considered.

Admissions Interviews for other ACPE programs:  The fee for applicants requesting an admissions interview for application to another institution shall be $75.00.  This fee includes both the interview and written summary of the interview.  Payment should be submitted at the time of the application.


Tuition fees are $500 per CPE unit (400 hours).  Unless arrangements are made with the CPE Supervisor, all tuition must be paid by the first week of the unit. At the time of acceptance, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required in order to reserve a position in the program.  Student acceptance is not considered official until this fee is received.  The $200 will be credited towards the total cost of the unit.  Any evaluation  issued without confirmation of tuition payment will be identified as a non-official evaluation and lack of payment of fees will be noted as the reason. Tuition is non-refundable unless UAB finds it necessary to cancel a unit.  A student will not be permitted to participate in the mid-term evaluation process or continue the CPE unit unless all fees have been paid, or guarantee of the same has been given in writing by an appropriate faith group or seminary representative for that student.  Such a student will be dismissed.

Benefits:  Residents are paid according to the agreed upon stipend and receive benefits established by UAB Hospital.  These are described in the acceptance letter to the student. The stipends and benefits may or may not be identical to those of employees, but will be consistent with the employee practices of the Hospital, and are described upon inquiry for each residency program.

Residents will be provided a stipend $30 000 for a one (1) year residency.  In addition, each resident will be eligible for medical and dental insurance at the same rate as UAB employees.  All costs associated with the CPE program will be provided for residents at no additional charge with the exception of purchase of required textbooks and the Completion of Level I Consultation Committee appearance.  Additional benefits for residents include eight paid holidays plus three personal days and up to five paid sick days.  All leave time must be approved in advanced by the CPE Supervisor.

Additional benefits for residents include five (5) paid vacation days, eight (8) paid holidays plus two (2) personal days and up to five (5) paid sick days. All leave time must be approved in advance by the CPE Supervisor. Students are encouraged to take vacation during Clinical Intersession periods.

UAB holidays include New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Due to the inclusion of personal days in this time off, all professional development time off for job interviews or denominational meetings should be counted toward personal holiday time off.

Incidental Expenses:  In addition to the application and tuition fees, incidental expenses that students will also be expected to provide include required textbooks. The Department of Pastoral Care provides a copy machine in the department that is accessible to students for copying of CPE related material.  Any failure to return library books at the end of the unit will necessitate payment for missing books.  Grades will be withheld until receipt of books and/or payments for lost books is made.

A statement of this policy will be available to students at the time of the interview or upon request for program information.

NOTE:  Those students enrolled in seminary are advised that payment is due on the first day of the unit and is non-refundable.  Should the student drop or be terminated from the course according to the withdrawal/termination policy, the student assumes responsibility for the entire fee even if the seminary has a prorated tuition policy for drops prior to a certain date.