Special Requests

Please email chaplains@uab.edu for any of the following:

  • Would like a Chaplain to visit someone at UAB Hospital;
  • Submit your prayers for yourself or for someone else;
  • Send a thank you note to a Chaplain that will be forwarded to him or her; or even better you can tell our Hospital Leadership directly about the good work of a Chaplain through our Excellence in Action Program.
  • Help us improve our service.  How can we do a better job?
  • Questions about Support Teams

If a patient or family member needs to be seen more quickly than in the next 24 hours:

Click here to page our On Call Chaplain who is in the hospital.

Then, enter your name and phone number in UAB Paging and the On Call Chaplain in the hospital will call you as soon as possible to get the specific information from you.