Scripture Snacks to Go

UAB Pastoral Care Volunteer, Caitlin Campbell, prepares to hand out Scripture Snacks to Go at UAB Hospital.

“Scripture Snacks to Go” is a great project for:

  1. An Individual
  2. Any Faith Group or Class (Adults or Children)
  3. Any gathering of friends or a family


  1. Donate the snacks
  2. Hand write the encouraging, hope-filled, comforting Scriptures and attach to snacks
  3. Hand out the “Scripture Snacks to Go” to families and employees
  4. All of the above


Coordinate with UAB Pastoral Care:

  1. Email, if you have questions, or to let us know when you want to deliver or hand out, or
  2. Call Malcolm Marler, Director of Pastoral Care, 205-934-3936.

Read how one patient’s wife gave back to UAB and invented “Scripture Snacks to Go.” by Don Milazzo (UAB ONE Website).