Prayers to Go

Prayer is a way to be reminded that we are loved and not alone, no matter what we are going through.
Prayers to Go

“Prayers to Go” is offered by UAB Pastoral Care where we have a station with a poster in the busiest corridors of the hospital in the North Pavilion 2nd Floor, or Kirklin Clinic, or UAB Highlands, and play gentle music in the background, and one of our volunteers or chaplains greet persons as they walk by with a welcoming, hospitable presence.

When some persons see the sign, they stop and ask for a prayer from one of our chaplains or volunteers, and we have a brief prayer with them, and then they are on their way in less than a minute.

Anyone can stop and ask for a prayer, regardless of faith background.  People say that they love this service we provide.

Prayers to Go Locations

2nd Floor, North Pavilion

2nd Floor, The Kirklin Clinic

1st Floor, UAB Highlands near front entrance

Prayers By Email

If you cannot wait or make it to Prayers on the Go, you may email your prayer request to with “Prayer Request” in the subject line, and you will receive an email within 24 hours from one of our chaplains with a prayer specifically for your need.

Please feel free to share any information in your prayer request that will help us to pray more specifically for you.  All Prayers By Email will be held in confidence.  We promise.

Video about Prayers to Go