The “You are Loved and Not Alone” Project

You Are Loved and Not Alone (calligraphy by Arts in Medicine artist Elizabeth Vander Kamp)

The mission of volunteers at UAB Pastoral Care is to let people know they are loved and are not alone.  

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers bring kindness and compassion¬†during some of the most anxious times of a person’s life. ¬†We have dozens of ideas how¬†you can make a difference with patients, families, and employees at UAB Medicine. ¬†Here are a a few of the things UAB Pastoral Care volunteers are doing. ¬†Maybe you can help us invent new ones!

Volunteer Possibilities:

Here is a list of what some of our Volunteers do at UAB Pastoral Care:

  • Adopt a Unit in the hospital (or a speciality Clinic) to do specific things that are helpful
  • Adopt a Chaplain (or any other group of Healthcare Professionals) to encourage, support them (us) through handwritten notes, etc. ¬†We will develop a list for you.
  • Become a member of our Bereavement¬†Ministry to write personal notes to family members who have had a loved one to die at UAB Medicine
  • Become a Community Support Team Coach and start Support Teams for people you know or for a UAB Patient
  • Become a Support Team Partner (Congregation, business, school, classroom, or any affinity group) for someone who lives in your area and needs extra support
  • Bring your choir (or any group) to sing, play music
  • Coordinate, nurture, love, and support our volunteers in UAB Pastoral Care
  • Listen to patients¬†or family members who are receiving chemotherapy at Kirklin Clinic
  • Help us plan an interfaith¬†worship service that includes people of all faiths for all God’s children (Christians, Muslims, and Jews).
  • Lead a worship, prayer service, or meditation for persons in your denomination or faith background (Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.)
  • Lead a brief meditation for patients in a small group in our Center for Psychiatric Medicine
  • Make caring calls¬†to persons whose¬†loved ones have died at UAB Hospital to let them know they are loved and not alone
  • Palliative Care – Serve and be with families whose loved ones are in comfort care
  • Perform (or help) at our Wholeness Project Music Concert on a Third Thursday at Noon
  • Play a stringed instrument (or flute) or other soothing music in our hospital or outpatient hallways
  • Hand out or make Prayer Beads to give to patients, families, employees
  • Prayer Trees – manage a prayer tree in one of our ICUs or Pre-Surgery Waiting Areas
  • Prayers to Go – Stand at one of our prayer stations in the hospital as people ask for prayer
  • Scripture Snacks to Go – organize your group or class to prepare and give out in our hallways as random acts of kindness
  • Serve on our Celebration of Life Committee to remember¬†those who have died at UAB Hospital, twice a year
  • Sit with someone who is dying and is all alone¬†(No One Dies Alone program)
  • Social media outreach – share what UAB Pastoral Care is doing in the¬†world through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts
  • Start a Community Support Team for someone you know with a healthcare issue
  • Visit or¬†serve¬†families in our ICU waiting rooms or pre-surgery areas
  • Visit new¬†patients in the hospital and see if they would like a Chaplain to visit
  • Visit Catholic patients with our team of Catholic volunteers on Sunday mornings, prayer, eucharist
  • Write caring notes of appreciation to our Environmental Service Workers, Food Service Workers, Guest Service Workers, Music Therapists, Artists in our Arts in Medicine Program, and others who would love to receive a “thank you.”

Whether you want to make a difference as an individual, a small group, a Sunday School Class, a congregation, a service group, or any group, with our patients, families, or employees, let us know.

Children on a Mission.

Riverchase United Methodist 5th and 6th Graders June 28 2016

Riverchase United Methodist Church Children with their chaperones.

This is about children on a Mission.

Dozens of fifth and sixth grade children from Riverchase United Methodist Church show up at UAB Hospital a few times a year to make a difference in people’s lives.

They wore matching red T-Shirts with shopping bags that each child had personally prepared that included: five snack bags that had enough snacks for a dozen people each, handwritten notes, and several flowers to remind the recipients they were not alone, and not to forget they are loved.

They stopped employees in the hallways to thank them for their service that includes nurses, environmental service workers, food service personnel, respiratory therapists, and many more for the specific work they do every single day.

They walked up to family members in waiting areas on multiple floors in the North Pavilion, Spain Wallace, and a few units in the Women and Infants Center, and The Kirklin Clinic to say they are sorry their family member is in the hospital, and to remember they are loved and not alone.

Some of the children ask family members if they could say a short prayer for their loved ones right there in the hall or waiting rooms. All families were kind and grateful and responded with hugs, tears, and even offered encouragement back to the children.

In just a short while, a few hundred persons, families, and employees were touched.

Our Staff Chaplains will be glad to meet your groups, prepare them for how to make a difference, and escort your group throughout the hospital.  It is important that any groups from congregations coordinate your outreach groups with our Staff Chaplains.  Call 205-934-4254 or email chaplains@uab.edu

These are just a few of the out-of-the-box methods UAB Pastoral Care uses to care for and encourage people to remember they are loved and not alone.

Contact our Pastoral Care office, 205-934-4254 or chaplains@uab.edu if you, or your tribe, want to make a difference in the world at UAB Medicine.