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11/14/17 1:00-2:00pm

"Advancing Spiritual Care with a Spiritual Legacy Intervention for Patients with Brain Cancer"

UAB Pastoral Care Library

Psychosocial Spiritual Grand Rounds

Psychosocial Spiritual Grand Rounds is an interdisciplinary gathering that discusses topics related to Spirituality and Medicine, as well as how a patient’s health is impacted by psychological, social, and spiritual needs.  It is offered free of charge for UAB Hospital employees and to the public.

Psychosocial Spiritual Grand Rounds is offered at UAB on the second Tuesday of every other month beginning in January from 12-1 pm.

2017 Dates — Jan 10, Mar 14, May 9, Jul 11, Sep 12, Nov 14

12:00 – 1:00 p.m.  No reservations are needed, and there is no cost.

Our mission is to empower healthcare employees (and the community) to offer holistic care that includes meeting emotional and spiritual needs for patients and families experiencing hospitalization.

Grand Rounds is held in the Margaret Cameron Spain Auditorium at UAB Hospital on the corner of 19th ST South and 7th Avenue South at UAB.  Lunch is provided for the first 125 persons who arrive.  UAB Pastoral Care is one of the co-sponsors.

Continuing Education hours are offered for social workers, chaplains, physicians, and nurses who are in attendance.

For more information, please contact:

Malcolm L. Marler, D.Min.
Director of Pastoral Care
 Listen to Recent Grand Rounds:
“Loneliness and Social Isolation:  It’s Not Just a Folk Song, It’s a Growing Health Care Threat”  September 12, 2017, Drexel Rayford, Ph.D.