Simple Whole-Body Meditation

This is a simple whole-body meditation which can be done at the beginning of your day or at anytime you would like to Pause for a brief moment to center yourself.

As you begin,  you may close your eyes or you may leave them open in a soft gaze. Become aware of your breathing. Allow your lungs to expand deeply and then allow your breath to flow outward again. Take another deep breath, release again.

Now, gently move your attention to your hands.

Place your hands at your waist, hands cupped upward as to receive):

“May I await this day, not as I expect, hope, or imagine,  but just as it is in this moment.”


Reach upwards with your hands open:

“May I allow the day to come and be what it is, without meeting my expectation.”


Place your hands over your heart,  hands cupped towards the body:

“May I accept it as a gift whatever comes or does not come.  Accept that I am not in charge.

Accept the infinity of the Holy to be present whether or not I am aware.”


Allow your hands to stretch outward in front of you, ready to be responsive, or to give:

“May I attend to the day with actions that the Holy invites me to take  from this stance of openness.”


When you are ready, you may lower your hands to your side in a comfortable position.

Release any tension in your body.  Rest peacefully.

You are centered now and ready to begin your day.