Being Well in the Middle of a Pandemic

John Kennedy, Chaplain Associate

 ·         Meet Basic Needs. Be sure to eat, drink and sleep regularly.

·         Take Breaks (Remind them that social science evidence supports improved work efficiency with regular breaks)

·         Connect with Colleagues. Tell your story and listen to others’.   Communicate constructively and optimistically. Complement each other. Share your frustrations and your solutions. 

·         Contact with Family. Reach out to close friends and family that don’t live with you.

·         Respect Differences. (Personality type, coping mechanisms, etc.)

·         Stay Updated. Pick your most trusted source for information and attend to it, but…

·         Limit Media Exposure. Too much media will likely enhance anxiety, decrease efficiency

·         Self Check-Ins.  Use the Well-Being Index or other techniques

·         Honor Your Service. You are fulfilling a noble calling.

·         Recognize your colleagues for their service.