Coronavirus Resources To Bring Peace


We asked the Chaplains at UAB Pastoral Care (and UAB Music Therapists) to write, sing, or share, music, meditations, or anything that will help bring peace into our lives. As you will see, they are a gifted and thoughtful team.

The Heart of Life” – UAB Music Therapists Valorie Gochnauer & Abby Whitlock sing and play in our Interfaith Chapel. This is what they would have sung at the Celebration of Life Service that was recently cancelled. (video 3:02)

Be Thou My VisionDrexel Rayford (guitarist) and violinist Melanie Rodgers play a beautiful instrumental arrangement. Drexel directs our Community Support Team initiative at UAB Medicine. (video 2:08)

Peace During The Storm,” is a meditation by Michael Gatch who reminds us that the same God who called us into healthcare, is the same God who can give us peace during the storm. He shares a meditation he wrote about bringing peace into chaos. Michael G. is our Neurology Chaplain at UAB Medicine. (video 2:04)

The Lord Is My Pace-Setter.” Virginia Millet shares a recent reflection she found that is a new way of hearing and imagining the 23rd Psalm during times of crisis. Virginia has been our Women and Infants Center Chaplain for over 23 years. (reading <1:00)

Heal Us Now.” Michael Horwitz is our Chaplain in Cardiology at UAB Medicine and he shared a beautiful video of the Temple Emanuel Choir of Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles Zimriyah Chorale featuring Cantor Lizzie Weiss, conducted by Nick Strimple. (video 4:21)

Simple, Whole-Body Meditation.” Virginia Millet and narrator Demetria Cheeves share a whole-body spiritual meditation you will want to try in the beginning, middle, or end of the day. Demetria is our Chaplain in the Center for Psychiatric Medicine. (video 2:24)

Listen.” Michael Horwitz sings a beautiful song acapella in our chapel that was written by Doug Cotler and Jeff Marx. (video 1:54)

Lessons from a Party and the Coronavirus.Drexel Rayford reflects on a party he attended before the Coronavirus began and how both are teaching him lessons that may make life more meaningful. (video 4:00)

God Is Everywhere Prayer.” Malcolm Marler shares a prayer he wrote that seems helpful now to remember that no matter what we are going through, God is everywhere. We are loved and not alone. Malcolm is the Sr. Director of Pastoral Care and has been a Chaplain at UAB since 1994.

Nature Therapy. Virginia Millet writes about how nature can be therapeutic in our lives and teach us important lessons in life.

A Prayer for Hope. John Kennedy shares a prayer for us all in what we are seeking during this time of crisis. (<1:00)

A Prayer for Healthcare Workers.” Malcolm Marler shares a prayer for specific Healthcare Workers in our hospital. Feel free to use it and change the names. (<1:00)

Struggling with Our Fears.John Kennedy writes that we all have fears and what we do with them makes a difference. (<1:00)

“A Word from the Hallway.” Michael Horwitz pauses in the hallway and shares encouragement from the hospital. (<1:00)

Rev. Katie Nakamura Rengers and her daughter Katherine offer a little Bach for our listening pleasure. (<0:30)

Being Well As a Healthcare Worker in a Pandemic.” John Kennedy speaks about the Basics of Caring for Yourself.