A Chaplain Intern’s Prayer

Jonathan Chesney

Tomorrow, June 2, 2012 from 8am-8pm, I head to my first solo OnCall as a chaplain intern at UAB Hospital. 1,100ish beds, 1.4 million square feet, 60-some units, and Alabama’s only level-1 Trauma unit.

I’ll be there to provide pastoral care, as needed and as the Spirit moves, for all of it, as well as rounding on my units, now parts of the TraumaBurn ICU, TraumaBurn NU, and P9 Hospitalist floor. I am scared and awed by the responsibility of such a call to serve…

Please pray for me and all those in the hospital, that God’s love and compassion would shine through me to all I cross paths with, that God will work through me to give those hurting and in need whatever comfort can be provided, that I be inspired with the spirit of joy and gladness, and that I am made a cup of strength to suffering souls.

Pour me out for others, keep me open and vulnerable enough to hear my patients and their families and know their pain, and strong enough not to be crushed by the brokenness in the world.

Break my heart so completely the whole hospital (and world,) falls in. I am weak and have little idea what I am doing- may I be made strong in my weakness through the one who chose to heal the world through becoming weak. Amen.

Jonathan Chesney is a summer chaplain intern in the Clinical Pastoral Education program at UAB Hospital.  He will be a second year student at Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal) as he works on his 3 year Master of Divinity degree in the Fall.

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