Welcome to Pastoral Care at UAB Medicine

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We are here to remind you that you are loved and that you are not alone.

Thirty-three —Professional Healthcare Chaplains at UAB Medicine offer compassionate listening and a peaceful presence so that each person can more freely draw on their most cherished sources of meaning, power, and hope regardless of faith background.

—We also believe that “community is medicine” and therefore offer ways to organize a patient’s circle of family and friends so they can more easily meet the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs when patients are at home.

UAB Medicine believes in emotional and spiritual support for patients, families, and employees.  That’s why we have one of the largest full-time pastoral care teams in a hospital in the United States.

Ask any employee to contact a Chaplain for you 24 hours a day, or call us at 205.934.4254, or email us at chaplains@uab.edu.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer compassionate, professional pastoral care in the hospital, outpatient clinic, and community for patients, significant others, and employees.  We carry out our mission through two channels:

  • Relationships – We build relationships with patients, family members, and employees in UAB Hospital, and in outpatient settings such as The Kirklin Clinic and others.

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Page the Chaplain on Call, 205.934.3411 | Call Pastoral Care at 205.934.4254 | Email Chaplains@uab.edu.