Welcome to Pastoral Care at UAB Medicine

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We’re here to help you know you are loved and not alone.

Our commitment is to meet your emotional and spiritual needs regardless of faith background whether you are a patient, family member, or employee.

Our strategy is to care for you while in the hospital, one of our outpatient clinics, or to organize a support team for you at home to meet your practical, emotional, or spiritual needs.

Need a listening ear?  If you are a UAB employee, and would like to talk with a Chaplain about issues related to social justice, racism, COVID-19, or personal emotional/spiritual issues, call or email us to set up time by phone, Zoom, or in person.

Contact Us

  • Call:  205-934-4254
  • Email:  chaplains@uab.edu
  • Page: 205-934-3411 “Chaplain On Call” (Emergency hospital visits only)

When You Can’t Be Here

  • Family members – You can request a UAB Chaplain to visit your loved one, or we can set up a video call (called a Telehealth visit) to connect you with him or her.  Also, see “The Family’s Voice.”
  • Clergy – If you are not able to visit a patient for any reason, we will be glad to see a patient at your request and let them know you sent us.
  • Friends or Acquaintances – If you would like us to visit someone you know, contact us and we’ll be glad to see them.

Depending on the Need

  • Do you want a Chaplain to make an Emergency Visit?
    • Page us by calling 205.934.3411 and ask to page the “Chaplain On Call.”  We will call you back as soon as possible.
  • Chaplain to visit anytime in the next 24-48 hrs?
    • Ask any nurse within the hospital to contact a Chaplain for you;
    • Call our office, 205.934.4254 and leave a message for our staff providing patient’s legal name, date of birth, or any other information you can provide;
    • Email us
  • Chaplain to visit you virtually at home?  (UAB Patients)
    • Email or call us (205-934-4254) to set up a Zoom home visit

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